Monday, March 24, 2014

Poblano peppers stuffed with spicy brie

A quick dish for 2 (or more if you double/triple/etc it)

2 large poblano peppers - seeds removed and sliced open lengthwise
4oz brie cheese
4 peppers from a small can of chipotles in sauce
4 1 inch slices of pre made polenta from Trader Joe's.  (or about 1/2 cup if you're making your own)

Steam the peppers until they are tender

While they are cooking mix the brie and chipotle peppers in a food processor.  I tried to do it with a hand mixer, but that failed miserably.  So much for being too lazy to get the food ninja out.  

When the peppers are tender layer the polenta in the middle and top with the cheese mixture.  Wrap each pepper in tin foil and bake until hot and the cheese is all melty.  

Each pepper is pretty filling, so I just serve one with a salad.  This dish got a C rating because of the brie.  You could easily substitute a cheese with lower fat/calories, but I wanted the specific taste of brie.  A bleu cheese mix would also be tasty I think.  chipotles not from a can would also lower the sodium quite a bit.

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