Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bespoken Coffee Roasters Kochere -Ethiopia

I've decided to try out at least some of the many small roasters I find on Instagram & Twitter.  There are a lifetimes worth to try, but I'm not planning on going anywhere soon so I should be able to get through a few.  (ignore the weird highlight.  I'm not in the mood to figure out blogger this morning)

I started with Bespoken Coffee Roasters and their Kochere from Ethiopia.  They are a husband and wife team in Corvallis, OR, who just opened a shop called Tried & True Coffee .  Hopefully when I make my west coast trip I'll be able to stop by and check it out.

I also ordered a mug.  The shipping was fast.  I placed my order on Thursday and by Monday I had my coffee.  I love the packaging too.  A pretty label won't improve coffee but that doesn't make it a waste of time.  For me coffee is about the whole experience from bag to cup.  I liked having something enjoyable to look at.

Then comes smell.  The bag was well sealed so I needed some scissors to open it.  There is a valve for gas escape so being well sealed is a plus.  CO2 out, but no air in.  I opened the bag and was greeted by a wonderful aroma.  The smell of good coffee puts me in a great mood.  This was a real day brightener.

I always taste a couple of beans.  That's the best way I know to determine if I want to use them for candy later.  Chocolate covered coffee beans are yummy - but only if you start with the right beans.  These aren't bad for that.  I'll have to give it a try sometime this week.  I think some coffee caramels with a chocolate covered bean on top would be a good fit.  

This morning I put both my new beans and new mug to use.  Most mornings I make a carafe of pour over and today was no exception.  The beans were ground, the water heated and the cup warmed.  In no time at all I had a nice cup of coffee.  The color was a nice rich brown and there was a golden crema on top as I poured the water.  

I'm new to the whole describing coffee thing.  The fact that I even like good coffee is a miracle.  I grew up in a house where instant was considered coffee.  Even today my mom will use generic coffee from the grocery store.  I'm talking lower than store brand.  Remember those white cans with coffee written on them in black?  yeah, she's used that.  

So how would I describe this one?  There was a natural sweetness and it was bright kind of a citrusy taste, kind of crisp.  It had a good feel in my mouth, kind of like a strong cup of tea, but not heavy or weighed down. I have a ton of stuff to get done today and this is a good coffee for a work day.  

It was really enjoyable.  I'll be making a second carafe after lunch.  

and I loved the mug.  I like a nice heavy mug - keeps my coffee warm a bit longer.  

I will be ordering more coffee from Bespoken.  I'm planning to try their Gatuyaini from Kenya next.  

A puzzle - because I like puzzles.  you can play it here click through to jigsaw planet for a bigger screen version.

preview210 pieceBespokenpuzzle

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