Saturday, February 14, 2015

My year in Coffee - Valentine's Day

We went to Second Best Coffee for a Valentine's Day cappuccino.  I picked up some beans there as well.

It was crowded, so we didn't stay and got it to go.  I also picked up some Rwanda Kivu Kibuye beans.  As always I asked the barista for a recommendation and as it normally does, it paid off.  

Having a heart in my cup was a nice touch for Valentine's Day.

The young man behind the counter was very nice and friendly.  I can see why the shop was so busy, it's a nice place to be.  It's also not far from my daughter's house.  I'll have to get her to go there with us sometime.  

The beans were very good.  The first time I brewed it I was fighting a cold so I didn't really get the full aroma.  My husband said it smelled kind of like a box of coco puffs that had just been opened.  Eventually I had a cup that I could fully experience.  Dan wasn't far off.  I got some cocoa and sweetness with kind of a honeyish taste.  Maybe a bit of a dark spice taste.  It was very nice and I'm really enjoying it.  Not looking forward to when this bag is gone.  Of course then it will be on to the next bag of coffee.  :-)

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