Thursday, February 5, 2015

My year in coffee - Feb 5 Onyx Coffee Labs - Yirg Kochore

Got another bag of beans in from Onyx Coffee Labs out of Springdale, AR.  I first found them when I was looking for a coffee roaster in Arkansas.  I'm from the southern part of the state and I met my husband at the University.  We had our first kid there in Fayetteville and my best friend still lives in Rogers plus a lot of my family lives in or around Hot Springs.  Arkansas is home and I thought it would be nice to get some coffee roasted there.  

So glad I did.  I am in love with the roasters at Onyx.  They do such a good job of getting the best out of the beans.  Coffee roasting is an art and two roasters with the same machines, same beans and same atmospheric conditions will end up with two different roasts.  It's a matter of knowing and that's why some coffees are a treat and some are just a drink.

This one is a treat.  Rich and decadent like fruit covered in dark chocolate.  When I opened the bag I got the aroma of blueberry and fruity sweetness.  This held true through the grinding.  Brewing it I could taste the sweetness - not as sweet as the last one I got from Onyx, but then this is a different bean.  I loved the strong dark chocolate finish.  It reminded me of the cocoa nibs I nibble on sometimes or the way baker's chocolate smells when you are grinding it up for a recipe.  This coffee would go great with a rich cheesecake at desert.  I'm going to try it as a SO espresso later today.  I think it would pair great with some heavy cream for a nice afternoon treat.

And as always the bag is a treat.  I love the details they put into things.  Coffee can be utilitarian or an experience.  Onyx seems to understand that it's better to treat it like an experience.  

It's been awhile since I've done a puzzle, so I made one for today.  Just click on the image or title below to give it a shot!  

preview110 pieceOnyx Coffee

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