Friday, January 30, 2015

My year in coffee - Jan 30

Today we were able to make it out to a new place.  Sometimes it's hard to juggle schedules so we can't get anywhere with more than one of the kids.  Now that most of them are grown up they have lives and all of that.  Today we had kids #2 & #4 with us - also known as Bessie & Teddy.

Dan had heard of a new coffee place called Pirate's Bone.  It's on the corner of 59th and Holmes - well, two shops away from the corner.  Find that intersection and you can find the coffee place.

It was great

Inside it's like Pinterest come to life.  The owner makes most of the stuff from counters to furnishings.  He uses reclaimed items to do it and is a big believer in reusing and recycling.  

My camera was acting nuts, so I didn't get some of the shots I had hoped for.  There is some wonderful art on the walls and he brings music as well as local food trucks out.  The next time will be the 13th.  If you can make it - drop in.  The art is for sale and if my budget wasn't so tight this month I would have walked away with a couple of pieces.

This is what I had and it was heavenly.  Not overly sweet, not bitter.  Perfectly balanced.  

The beans are pan roasted and there are little touches that I really appreciate.  Like little wax seals with skull and crossbones.  I bought a bag of coffee to try tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to it.

The newest photo in my series - Bessie looking annoyed at coffee houses

She's not nearly as annoyed as she always appears.  It's a game.  :-)  Still, she is 15 and annoyed is something teens pull off pretty well. 

Visit Pirate's Bone  If you're not in KC you can buy some beans online.  They have great prices - especially for artisanal roasted coffee!  You won't be sorry at all!

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