Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Year in Coffee - Jan 6

I love this cup.  It looks like something I could draw.  Except that I can only draw super wonky stick figures and circles that look like ovals.  My drawing skills peaked sometime right before kindergarten.  But artistic abilities aside, this cup makes me smile.

Today I am drinking some coffee from Costa Rica that I roasted in my popcorn popper.  Machine A.  That's the original Poppery from West Bend.  I noticed a kind of sugary scent when I ground the beans.  Maybe a bit like when you open a bag of dark brown sugar.  Not strong, but there.  A brighter cup with a bit of sweetness which was balanced out by the acidity.  Kind of a nutty taste in there too.  Hard to pick between which nuts, not walnut, not almond.  Maybe something rainforesty like a Brazil nut.

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