Sunday, January 4, 2015

My year in Coffee Jan. 4 - Papua New Guinea Kogure

Today's Coffee is one I roasted myself.  It's Papua New Guinea Kogure. that I got from Burman Coffee Traders

It was a very smooth, nice cup of coffee.  Mellow.  I did probably roast it darker than what I've read is recommended, but it worked well for me.   I did something unusual for this one.  I have several popcorn poppers I use.  I identify each with a letter.  Machine C has a hard time getting to second crack.  Machine D is one of those with the mesh at the bottom - the kind everyone says not to use.  It' gets way to hot and gets to second crack before the coffee is developed.  I did this batch in C until just after 1st crack and then moved to D.  I didn't take it quite to 2nd crack, but it got much darker.    I like the result. 

Like I said, the taste was mellow and kind of like rich chocolate.  It made for a great breakfast coffee black.  The 2nd cup (pictured in my mug) was one I added cream too.  The coffee taste was too diluted even with only a tablespoon for 10oz and I don't think I'll be adding milk to future cups of this one.  

I'm making a couple of  puzzles from pictures of this batch.  Look for future posts.

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