Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Year in Coffee - Jan 21


Today I am finishing off my bag of Finca Chayote roasted by Oddly Correct.  It was a nice coffee.  Good feel in the mouth, bright acidity, a latent sweetness that kind of reminded me of grapes or maybe pineapple.  I wouldn't say I tasted cranberry, but I did pick up on a nutty taste.  This is over a month old and it still holds up as a great coffee.  

Oddly correct is a great place.  They are not open as late as many places, so you have to plan your visit, but planning for great things is an important part of life.  :-)  The smell of roasting coffee was a wonderful greeting as we walked towards the store.  The young man at the counter was super helpful and friendly which is important.  I have experienced too many people at coffee places that are aloof and so over it.  That annoys the heck out of me.  I also love the bags which feature artwork from the owner.  I believe they also print the bags on sight.

This mug is from Thailand.  I think it is my only one from that country, but I am not positive since I have yet to make notes on that sort of thing.  I used the pour over method. 

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