Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Year in Coffee Jan 7

Today is a great day for drinking coffee and working on an infinity scarf.  I made one for my oldest daughter and now her friend wants one.

The coffee is from Papua New Guinea and this time I roasted it in one machine.  Machine B - West Bend Poppery II.  It's an almond colored popper.  I have a white one too that's on loan to the kid.  It's my second favorite machine.  It used to be #1 until I got the Poppery 1.  That one wins because it has an ON/OFF switch.  Why they did away with that in the second incarnation I have no idea.

Anyway, the coffee is kind of nutty with kind of a chocolaty flavor.  Lightly sweet, I wasn't able to pick out specific fruits but overall there was a delicate sweetness.  Yummy.  Mellow is a good word for this one.  I drank it black because I found I didn't care for cream in the last batch.  Each batch is different though, so who knows.  It might have paired well with cream.  

These may all look the same to other people, but I look at the grids and can tell very a lot about which day it was.  

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