Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Year in Coffee - Jan 3 Oddly Correct Geradino Tecano

This morning I have a nice flower cup filled with a Colombian coffee from Oddly Correct.  The cup has no markings so I have no idea where it's from.  I like the ruffled look to the edge handle.  Those unusual details are in contrast to the way the flowers are lined up in rows.

This is the coffee.  It was bright.  Kind of like how Sprite is bright and clean.  I guess that was the lime listed under taste  characteristics.   Not a lot of lingering after taste.  I didn't taste anything like honey, apple juice & raisin, but I'm still learning to differentiate tastes and characteristics.  Even though I didn't get a lot of sweet up front when it was black - I added a tablespoon of flavored creamer because I was in the mood and it was WAY WAY too much even in 12 oz.  Made it over sweet.  So even though I didn't get fruit sweetness, it was sweet.

This is the bag art.  The owner of Oddly Correct makes wood cuts and they are printed onto the bags, by hand I think.  Not in a super automated fashion for sure.  It's a labor of love for them, from selecting the bean to bagging it for the customer.

The 4 stages of coffee for today.  

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