Monday, January 5, 2015

My Year in Coffee - Jan 5

This year I participated in Third Wave Wichteln ( ) An international coffee exchange.  I was very excited to get a package from Tel-Aviv, Israel.  Danielle sent a nice note along with the coffee - two bags.  One that reminded her of home and one that tasted like when she traveled.  I started with the one that tasted like home.

It's the POAS blend from Mae Cafe in Tel-Aviv.

Nice balanced cup.  A little nutty with a pleasant aftertaste.  Not as sweet as many of the ones I have been drinking lately.  Warm and full.  A good match with today's cup which is a rustic flowered mug.  no markings on the cup, so I have no idea of it's background.

My morning routine.  Choose, grind, brew, drink.

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