Thursday, March 26, 2015

50 States of Coffee

I'm trying to sample beans from roasters in all 50 states.

It's the end of March and I have had coffee from 9 states.  Obviously MO & KS were easy and I've had several from both.  Here's my map so far - if you have any suggestions send them to me!

Washington -
Bluebeard Coffee Roasters out of Tacoma -  

Bespoken Coffee - Corvallis

Barefoot Coffee - Santa Clara

Kansas -

PT's Coffee Roasting Co. - Topeka (even though I buy it most of the time at the crossroads cafe in MO)

Map's Coffee - Lenexa

Java Brothers -

Missouri -

Messenger Coffee - Kansas City -

The Roasterie - Kansas City -

Red-Headed Philosopher Coffee - Kansas City

Oddly Correct - Kansas City, MO

Pirate's Bone  - Kansas City

Second Best Coffee - Kansas City

Headrush Roasters - Kansas City

Kaldi's Coffee - St. Louis/Kansas City - I actually don't know where the headquarters is


Onyx Coffee Labs - Springdale


Dark Matter Coffee - Chicago


Madcap Coffee - Grand Rapids


Epic Bean Coffee - Jessup

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