Saturday, March 7, 2015

My year in Coffee - March 7 Thrift shop Score!!

Look what I found at a thrift shop!

I needed to roast coffee today anyway - so it will get a trial in just a bit.

I check the various thrift shops out pretty regularly but I've not found a Poppery I before.  I was doing quite the happy dance.   

The coffee is my very last cup from my Barefoot Coffee Roasters Malacara B Yellow Reserve.  It was a great bag of beans.  I have a review partially written that I will get to posting tomorrow.  Actual work to catch up on today.  Somehow I seem to be running forever behind.  Must need more coffee!

The happy yellow cup is from Ikea, though to be honest I paid 25 cents for it at a Goodwill.  I like yellow, it's one of my favorite colors and it seemed like the best choice for celebrating our spring like weather today.  

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