Thursday, March 26, 2015

My year in Coffee - March 25 - Kaldi's Coffee on the Plaza

I am far far behind in my reviews.  I have the written out in longhand on paper - because I'm 48 and that's how I roll - but I have not had enough time to get them to the computer.

Kaldi's Coffee on 47th st in KCMO used to be a Latteland and it took me a year to stop calling it "that place that used to be latteland"  Kaldi's purchased the 6 Lattelands in the area and have been converting them over.  It was a smart change over and they gave the interior a much needed redo, but they kept the stuff that worked.  That means they kept the staff.  One of the best things about Kaldi's is that the staff doesn't have a huge change over.  Several of the barista'\s at this location have been there for over a decade. It's wonderful to see the same people and not have to get to know someone new every visit.  The loyalty of the staff really says something wonderful about the company.   Kaldi's was already the exclusive roaster for Latteland so the quality of the coffee has not changed.

On my last two visits I've gotten the fresh mint latte.  My husband get's an iced version, but I'm partial to hot coffee.  One thing I hate is overly sweet coffee.  When I go to the S I always tell them TWO pumps of chocolate, not FIVE.  I get tired of explaining they why and the puzzled looks.  That's not an issue with Kadi's.  They balance out the added flavor with the coffee taste.  I want to taste my coffee, not just a sugary syrup.  Kaldi's also doesn't focus on the dessert coffee cocktails.  They have wonderful seasonal drinks in addition to the regular menu.  They do have sweet drinks as well as teas and smoothies, but their menu does not make you feel like you're at an ice cream bar.

There are a lot of local regulars in addition to the tourists visiting the plaza.  It's long been a hangout for the various biker groups.  Not the hell's angels outlaw bikers, but upscale I spent a lot of money on this machine and the leather jacket too, bikers.  There are always people sitting on the small patio reading or writing or just enjoying the day.  The inside is small, but welcoming.  I could use a few more outlets, but you do what you can with the space allowed.  

I picked up a bag o Congo Muungano the visit before last.  It's pretty much gone and I have planned my next bag.  Always ask the baristas which ones they like.  You can discover some great beans you might not have tried.

The smell of this one was delightful.  I have the nearly empty bag near me right now and I was smelling it just before I started typing.  I would wear this as a perfume if I could.

I brewed it as a pour over because that's just how I drink my coffee in the morning.  I even got a Kaldi's mug for my collection.

I'm @shouldntsaythat on instagram - check out my mug collection!

Anyway - back to the coffee.  It was warm and inviting with hints of citrus, but not overpoweringly so.  There was a bright, crisp acidity to it.  It made a great breakfast coffee.  There was also a light spice to it, like a strong tasty black tea.  Some light cane sugary sweetness as the cup cooled a bit and it all blended into one fine cup of coffee.  That bag went fast.  

I save all my bags, but I like this one a lot.  On the side there is the legend of how humans came to drink coffee - and the legend for which Kaldi's is apparently named.   It also helped explain their hashtag #followthegoat  :-)  On the other side are some helpful hints about getting the most out of your coffee.  It's not news to me, but lots of people just discovering good coffee don't think about thinks like freshness, storage or warming your cup first.



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