Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Blender butter

I made butter!!

I have some fresh cream I picked up when I got my raw milk.  I guess I should say I HAD some fresh cream.  I've known how to make butter for awhile.  Put it in a jar and shake shake shake.  Probably better exercise than the not so vaguely obscene shake weight.  I don't have time for that.  Saw on line that you can just do it in a blender.  I have a blender.  Now I have butter.

Step 1
Obtain heavy cream
Step 2 
Dump it in the blender
Step 3
blend blend blend.  At some point it will quite dramatically go from whipped cream to butter.  It's very sudden and pretty cool
Step 4
using some muslin drain the excess milk from the butter.  Rinse it with cool water to get the excess milk out so it won't go bad too quickly.  If you're going to use it quickly you probably don't have to do this.
Step 5
chill and enjoy

Next time I'm going to add some herbs to it.  This was plain, unsalted butter and it is YUMMY

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