Monday, May 19, 2014

Pineapple Planter

we eat a lot of pineapples.  I've been trying to grow the tops and composting the hollowed out shells.  After I use the pineapple cutter tool I'm left with a nice empty  container, so today I decided to see if I could put my plants in them.  I don't intend to use them as final pots.  I expect them to compost around the little plant adding nutrients to the growing environment.

I rinsed the pineapple hull then added a layer of leaves to the bottom, some dirt, then put the plant in.  It was already in a biodegradable pot, so I've effectively put it in a second biodegradable pot.  I'll put this whole thing into the container that I'm growing the cucumbers (in this case) in.  I'll post updates about how it goes.

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