Monday, May 19, 2014

Kombucha Labels

I could make a batch of this flavor and a batch of that flavor, but this is all still new for me so I'm trying out all sorts of flavors.  That has led to some confusion.  I wanted a way to label the bottles, but I also wanted the labels to be reusable.

This is what I came up with

Floss holders (on clearance) and hair elastics.

I write the name of the flavor on the blank side, loop them onto a hair elastic and this slip them on the bottles.

After someone takes a bottle from the fridge the tag goes into a baggie I have stuck to the door with a magnet.

No more confusion and everyone knows what they are getting.  The labels can be used again and again, so I won't have to make them up for each batch.  Also it was cheap and easy.  maybe not something to look for in a girlfriend, but with craft projects I'm all about the cheap and easy.

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