Friday, May 16, 2014

Growing a new scoby

I don't need a new scoby.  Once you get started with kombucha having too many is more of a problem than not having enough.  Still, I keep seeing that you can't grow a healthy one from commercial raw kombucha anymore.  I did.  I also saw a tutorial where it was done a bit differently from how I did it.  Decided to give that a try.

In this method you

1.  buy a bottle of raw kombucha.

2.  put it in a sterilized jar

3.  cover it with a paper towel or cloth and rubber band it on.

4.  wait.

I did this one yesterday and there were floaties in the bottle.  I looked for that when choosing my bottle.

After 24 hours it's starting to look promising.  I am interested in seeing how long this method takes to get a thick scoby vs the way I did my first one (using sweet tea in addition to the bottle tea)

and I was bored.  Kombucha is a process and a gift for the patient.  I am not patient, so I have to do other things to keep myself occupied while waiting for my gift of finished fizzy tea.

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