Friday, May 16, 2014

So I thought I would make sauerkraut

I want to make sauerkraut, but lack a crock or fancy air lock system.

What to do?

Google it of course.

I have jars, I have cabbage & I have olive oil.  I'm good to go.  Seems you can use the oil to seal off the brine.  The kraut if shredded, salted and spiced.  Let's see how it goes.  I need a crystal ball or other future seeing device.  I get so impatient waiting.

I spiced it with

2 1/2 tablespoons salt to a 4lb head of cabbage
1 tablespoon sugar
2 teaspoons juniper berries
2 teaspoons caraway seeds
1 teaspoon mustard seeds

Shredded the cabbage into a large glass bowl.  Added the other stuff and crunched it around, really beating up on it.  As I did so a lot of water came out and the bowl got quite a lot of nice brine.  I divided the cabbage into 3 left over salsa jars - roughly pint size & divided the brine.  Really packed it down in there.  Then I put olive oil over the top to seal it.  Tightened the lids and set them aside.  Now to wait and see what happens.  Did put a plate under it because I have heard that sauerkraut can get bubbly and overflow.

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